We are operating international sharehouse in Seoul, South Korea for Heroes from all over the planet.

Must review before moving in

House Rule


Avengers House is not a guest house or a hotel; it’s a SHARE HOUSE living with other housemates. It means it’s basically YOUR HOUSE while staying. We hope you enjoy spending time with your housemates and keep good condition of the house.


It’s great to have a housemates but some rules are required to avoid unnecessary conflicts between housemates. Review the following house rules before you move in and keep in mind while staying at Avengers House.


If you keep violating our house rules even after our warning, you may have to LEAVE HOUSE even if your rental period is remaining. By moving in to our house, you AGREE TO FOLLOW our house rules.

While staying
  • No pets, no smoking, no shoes inside house.
  • You can enter the house 24 hours, but keep quiet while other housemates are taking rest.
  • No loud music, singing while other housemates need quiet atmosphere.
  • Do not enter other housemates’ private room or bed unless it is inevitable.
Things are free to use
  • Furniture, kitchenware, cleaning tools
  • Bedding (blanket, pillow, sheets)
  • Living supplies to share with housemates(trash bags, detergent)
  • Utilities (electricity, wi-fi, gas, water)
Things you should prepare
  • Amenities (shampoo, soap, toothpaste)
  • Towels, personal mirror and tissue

You may bring your own things or buy from local stores under $10 for each items above.

  • Your friend or family are allowed to visit the house after 10 am and should leave house until 10 pm. You should notify to housemates via text messages when the visitor is going to visit.
  • Opposite gender visitor is not allowed to a male/female only house even if you get the permission from other housemates. Male visitor is allowed only if he is also a ‘friend’ of all the housemates at the house.
  • Visitor sleep over is available if there is a empty room in the house. No sleepover in the sofa in the living room. In case of sleepover, you have to notify to our staff at least 3 days prior to the visitor’s stay.
`{`Important`}`Food Waste

Taking care of food waste is essential to keep our house clean.

If not properly done, bugs may grow inside house.

  • Wash your dishware right away after eat.
  • Empty food waste bin at least once a week.
  • We send a cleaning professional to clean public area(living room, bathroom, kitchen) once or twice a month. The frequency of cleaning service is depending on how many people are staying at the house.
  • We do not provide housekeeping on your bedroom. You have to clean your bedroom, bedding.
  • Take turns to deal with trashes between housemates. Those who moves in earlier than others is in charge of organizing the turns. Setup a schedule for each turns and teach them how to deal with trashes.
  • We provide trash bags; use them to pack and put it in front of the entrance. A public trash service come to pick them up everyday after 7 pm to midnight.

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